Boxing Rings For Sale 22 Sep 2010




The ring is two level snap together no nuts and bolts, allowing quick up and
down time. Two level allows for different Venue variances.
Please enquire regarding other sizes and training rings also.
Model: V-2089                   
Size:7m x 7m x 1m(& 400mm) Rope 6m x 6m (500mm rope to edge of the floor)

All-steel frame of 4cm x 6cm x 2mm thick

The Corner Posts : 5mm thick                    
Floor 30mm Plywood                    
Boxing rope: is made of 10mm steel wire, with neoprene & plastic double
Spacer: 8 spacers                   
Mat: is made of 25mm high density EVA                   
Cover single: Canvas                   
Turnbuckle pad: 110cm×40cm×28cm, PU cover, filled with sponge    

$15000 NZD delivered to nearest port 
Also 6x6m training rings for sale $7000                                  
Interested send email to Questions page

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